Thursday, October 11, 2012

America's Cup World Series - October in San Francisco!

Personal note: I am normal everyday sailing fan who has taken the opportunity to enjoy the America's Cup World Series events which happens to be taking place in my own back yard.

It’s time for my stories of round two of the America’s Cup World Series.  Just as in August, this round was in San Francisco. If can catch my August escapades here, here, and here My summer of cheering on Great Britain is extending its way into autumn. Since catching Ben Ainslie fever, I ordered his book, Close To The Wind from  In less than a week, it was in my hot little hands!  It was a fantastic read filled with loads of Ben’s interesting stories! I enjoyed reading Ben’s tale of U.S. television coverage (Lack thereof) of other countries in the Olympics. (Made me feel a little better about my Stalking-him-to-get-his-autograph-because-we-were-screwed-on-television-coverage-since-he-experienced it-himself).  There are a lot of other great stories, but you should buy the book and read it yourself. Since I had so much fun rooting for him in August, I decided to step up my cheering game. I purchased various sizes of Union Jack Flags to wave.I also got myself a better point and Shoot Canon Camera. Just to be ready for the (post-2013-looking-to-the-future) J.P.Morgan BAR AC72, I did get a super duper heavy weight cotton 3’x5’ (huge) Union Jack Flag (not shown)

On Tuesday October 2, I took BART down to San Francisco to watch the America’s Cup World Series Practice day. After seeing all but one of the boats appear, I was left wondering what happened to my favourite Grey and Union Jack clad boat. My heart sank as the chummy announcers let on that Ben Ainslie was resting up trying to rid himself of a virus.  Oh well, I still enjoyed myself and practicing taking pictures with my new camera.

 We were treated to a few starts and several fleet races! Afterwards, it was time for "Meet the Skippers" presentation.  I call this sequence of photos…..Hands-On-Hips….. Every single Sailor does it for their being-interviewed-pose. They are standing with their arms down by their sides, as soon as they start talking; the hands go straight to the hips!  It’s human nature, but I found it amusing. The other things I found amusing, Jimmy Spithill without his Red Bull Helmet….but instead a Red Bull in his hand!

Phil Roberston-Team China

Matt Mitchell-JP Morgan BAR (Standing in for Ben)

 Nathan Outteridge Artemis

 Russell Coutts-Oracle USA

Dean Barker Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ)

 Loick Peyron - Team Energy (Terry Hutchinson Team Artemis in Red)

Chris Draper-Luna Rossa
Kudos to Chris Draper and being a rebel and putting his hands behind his back!

 Jimmy Spithill-Oracle USA
No Red Bull Helmet, but there is a Red Bull in his hand!

(The one in blue is Peter Burling 21-year old new Skipper for Team Korea)

For the “Meet the Skippers” presentation, Matt Mitchell stepped in for Ben to represent JP Morgan BAR. This actually worked in my favour. When ordering all my flags, I decided to order some small Kiwi (New Zealand) for Matt Mitchell’s sons. I met them cheering on their dad back in August. I saw Matt walking his bike heading towards the stage and I stopped him to give him the two flags! In hind sight, I probably should have gotten them Union Jack Flags instead. If they were to stand there waving the Kiwi Flags, it would look like they were supporting ETNZ. Well, at least they now have a little piece of home with them here in SF!

They put out tables and a bunch of programs for fans, let the children get them first. I actually purchased one....along with more JP Morgan Bar and Emirates Team New Zealand team wear!  After waiting around a bit to let the children get first dibs at the Skippers, I managed to get a few autographs. Which was probably a mistake.....I don't like incomplete jobs.....I now had a new mission.....get the autographs of all of the Skippers. 

That's it for Tuesday....But my adventures continue on Thursday!


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