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ACWS Day of Racing Thursday August 23, 2012

Got lot's of rambling here in the beginning, scroll down if you just want the pictures

Dad and I decided to drive into the city for today's racing. We arrived early to ensure good parking for his healing hip. Galavanting around San Francisco just one month after his hip replacement proved tiring during our Tuesday trip, so we drove and took advantage of the disabled parking. We did have tickets for the reserved seating during the actual racing.

As with Tuesday, I had a few missions for the day. This time; get Dean Barker's autograph, get a picture with him, and I reeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to get Ben Ainslie to sign my mini Union Jack I waved during the Olympics. I felt so proud to be British during the Olympics. This would just be so fitting for my hand crafted flag and it would make up for the Non-existent NBC (US Network Television) sailing coverage.

I was doing some wandering around whilst dad sat and watched the seagulls....and who did I happen to see getting interviewed. Dean Barker. It was him, a camera, an interviewer, and his one else one but me! Lucky me!. After the interview I popped up the nerve and asked for an autograph. I told him, if it weren't for a British Boat racing, I would be cheering for the Kiwi's. He smiled and was ever so kind and gracious. Then out of the wood work....autograph hounds. One guy asked for my pen because he forgot his, I said sure if you take our picture, he did then proceeded to ask who was the man in black. Oh the insanity.......  :-) I'm one to speak.

Missions one and two complete.....(I printed a picture I took on Tuesday for Dean to Sign) Not overly fond of the picture of the two of us because it was taken with my needs-to-be-upgraded camera by a stranger. (I wanted it more of a close up) I couldn't be choosy in a great time of opportunity.

The crowds started to pick up as we got closer to racing. I managed to catch Kiwi Matt Mitchell for JPM BAR saying hello to his wife and two young sons. (Later on he did say "nice jumper" as I passed him post racing) I think all Kiwis are born with a generous kind spirited gene!

"Bye Dad, have a good day at the office"

Kyle Langford and Ben Ainslie heading to work!

First Match Race - Team Artimis White vs Luna Rosa Swordfish

Meanwhile....JPM BAR with a borrowed Red Bull Wing does some practising for the fleet racing

And back to the match racing, won by Artimis Racing White

Second Match Race-Luna Rossa Piranha(Go Chris Draper) vs Oracle Team USA Spithill (W)

Onto some spectacular Fleet Racing...Lining up at the Start

Heading to turn 1, I mean mark one. Felt just like an F1 race and the first corner!

Wildlife on the Bay (did sea some sea lions too)

Larry's Boats

Got a good sequence of JPM BAR on a tack

I love how you can see each sailor come over and take his new position! 

A portion of the picture from above cropped and enlarged...(My Dad's camera is a lot better)

Team Oracle USA disembarking the RIB

Dean Barker and Glen Ashby (I think) with the cooler of Fosters (yes I'm being sarcastic)!

Post race media line up. I was really hoping to get Dean and Ben to look at the same time. I already felt too much like a stalker and thought yelling "Dean and Ben look over here" would have been a bit much. 

I tried to strike up a conversation with Ben, "So, did you get much site seeing done out there?" hmmm, I guess my sarcasm and nervousness don't mix well with exhausted shy sailor.

Skipper Row....
From Back to front:
Centre in grey: Ben Ainslie JP Morgan BAR
Guy in white and red behind Ben: Chris Draper Luna Rossa Piranha
Guy red helmet: Santiago Lange Team Artimis Red
In front of Ben in white: Jimmy Spithill Oracle Team USA
To the right of Jimmy in black: Yann Guichard Team Energy
To the right of Yann in red Phil Robertson Team China
In black in the really cool robot arms jacket Dean Barker Emirates Team New Zealand 

No International skipper line up would be complete without Russell Coutts from New Zealand of Oracle Team USA, with already mentioned Jimmy Spithill and Ben Ainslie.

I think I got told off with a stern look and a "This is IT for you" when I got Ben to sign my mini Union Jack.  Evidently, good looking British men bring out the stalker in me.

Here is a picture I posted on my facebook page during the Olympics......

Chris Draper of also of Great Britain was super nice when we spoke to him on Tuesday. I passed him on a wander and his wife (I think) took our picture! 

One thing became clear to me, I miss sailing a lot! I am looking forward to watching the rest of the series on television. I will be down to watch the sailing in October and then again next year. By then I should have a new camera and maybe I will have figured out how to get myself sailing again! I am sure my bank account balance will be happy with another (way more expensive) hobby!

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  1. you got a LOT of swell fotos! you had a good spot! were you on the bleachers? love your narrations and captions otherwise i wouldn't know anyone w/o their AC45 under them! good you finally got your UK flag signed!